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White House Press Secretary To Photographers: We Respect You, Bu

In an exchange yesterday with reporters over why press pool photographers were kept away from President Barack Obama on his trip to Nelson Mandela’s funeral last week, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney ducked, dodged–and said times have changed.
“This is part of a bigger transformation that’s happening out there that’s driven by the ability of everyone to post anything on the Internet free of charge so that you don’t have to buy that newspaper or subscribe to that wire service to see that photograph.”
In other words, the White House doesn’t need press photographers anymore, and neither does the public, now that the White House can distribute its own pictures of the president online.
The exchange began when a reporter asked why White House photographer Pete Souza was allowed on the speaker’s platform when President Obama spoke at  Mandela’s funeral, but press pool photographers were not allowed. Reporters also pressed Carney hard on why press pool photographers were not photo tools permitted to photograph the President and First Lady, along with former President George Bush and his wife, Laura Bush, on the flights to and from the funeral in South Africa.
The White House released its own photos, shot by Souza, from the flight.
Carney took the questions with a preamble of praise to photographers. “I have huge admiration for that service to the free flow of information and the unbelievable bravery that cameramen and photographers display, especially overseas in hard areas, in dangerous areas, like Afghanistan, like Syria and elsewhere,” he said.
He added later on after reporters kept pressing the issue, “From the President on down–and I mean that–there is absolute agreement that there’s no substitute for a free and independent press reporting on a presidency or the White House, on Congress, on the government. It’s essential. Essential. And that includes photography.”
The White House got as much access as it could for press pool photographers on the speaker’s platform at the funeral, Carney said. When pressed about the lack of access on the flight, which reporters pointed out was 20 hours each way, Carney said, “For a lot of those hours, the President, the former President, the First Lady and the former First Lady were asleep. So we probably weren’t going to bring in a still pool for that. Or they were having dinner or something like that. But look, I think I just made clear that I want to work on this issue.”
How committed he is to “work on this issue” is unclear. Reporters pressed repeatedly for details, and Carney offered none, other than to say his office has met with representatives of the White House Correspondents. And he added, “I can promise you that the outcome of that will not be complete satisfaction” because of inherent tensions between all administrations and the press over access.
Last month, Carney rejected a request from 38 news organization for a meeting to discuss their complaint about a lack of access for press pool photographers to the Oval Office. In doing so, he told them the public interest was served well enough by the stream of photos the White House was releasing on social media.
The media has dismissed those photos, by Souza and other White House photographers, as “visual press releases.” In an op-ed piece published in The New York Times yesterday, Associated Press Director of Photography Santiago Lyon labeled the White House handout photos as “propaganda.”

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New Elliott Erwitt Book Comes With Hidden Flask Of Rare Macallan

An image from Elliott Erwitt’s new book with The Macallan. © Elliott Erwitt/Magnum Photos
Scotch whisky producer The Macallan announced the latest release in its “Masters of Photography” series—a book of photographs Elliott Erwitt made on commission in Scotland. The book, Elliott Erwitt’s Great Scottish Adventure, features 158 images the Magnum photographer made during an open commission to photograph in Scotland.
Erwitt is the fourth photographer to work on “The Macallan Masters of Photography” series; Rankin, Watson and Annie Leibovitz preceded him.
The Erwitt books, produced in a limited edition of 2,030, come with one of 58 signed and numbered prints, each of them matched to handmade glass flask of rare and previously unavailable single cask malt whisky from The Macallan. The 2,030 limited edition books are broken into 58 smaller editions of 35; each set of prints is paired with its own specially chosen whisky, and only 320 of the books are available in the US market for $1500 (those interested should email The Macallan through the “Masters of Photography” website .)
Each limited edition book comes with a print and a flask of rare whisky.
The whisky makers launched “Masters of Photography” because their Director of Malts, Ken Grier, is a lifetime photography fan, and because photography carries a wide appeal. “Photography to me is incredibly beautiful, very collectible, it’s extraordinarily upscale, it’s contemporary, it’s dynamic. It’s also quite democratic,” Grier told PDN in 2011 for an article about a previous iteration of “Masters,” which featured work by Albert Watson. “Everybody around the world can appreciate a great photograph.”
Photobook enthusiasts always appreciate when a book’s design reflects a careful attention to the subject matter. Erwitt’s book browse does that beautifully. And as he quipped during an event announcing the book earlier this fall in New York City: “In case you don’t like the book, you will certainly like the Whisky.”

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The Force Is Strong With This One

Celebrity and advertising photographer Dale May loves Star Wars because “it has more iconic, amazing characters than any other film to date.” The Star Wars figures in May’s series, “ LEGO WARS ,” seem to come to life. May imagined what they’d look like if they were alive (X-ray Darth Vader, Chrome Trooper/Trooper X-ray), as they’d be dressed up for Halloween (Mickey Trooper), and then as fashionistas (Coco Vader, V3PO, Tiffany Trooper/Tiffany Trout). The macro photographs are then manipulated and enhanced in Photoshop and then printed with acrylic front mounting and backed with aluminum dibond which May says gives the prints “a contemporary, high-polished look, not unlike the toys themselves.” Check out the complete “LEGO WARS” series at the Samuel Owens Gallery .
<br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

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Object Of Desire: Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera

Object of Desire: Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Camera
DECEMBER 16, 2013
By Jesse Will
Fujifilm’s Instax line of Polaroid-like instant film cameras has been going strong since the late 1990s, but if you’re not a fan of the line’s bubbly, toy-like design, there likely hasn’t been a body you’d be dying to carry. That should change with the Mini 90 Neo Classic, which takes on the retro, two-toned, silver-and-black styling of the brand’s mirrorless X Series cameras. When it arrives early next year, the new Mini 90 Neo Classic will sit at the high end of the Instax line, and will have a 60mm f/12 lens and shoot in several modes including Macro, Double Exposure and Bulb, for exposing shots up to ten seconds. The flash is more sophisticated than previous units, and will fire at speeds up to 1/400 of a second. The Neo Classic takes 800-speed Instax Mini film (the photos are roughly 2 x 3 inches), which, although smaller and not as nuanced as The Impossible Project’s Polaroid-format instant film, has the plus of costing as little as one-third the price for each shot.   
Price: $200
<br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

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Photos Are Our Way Of Looking Back And Cherishing Those Special

The engaged couple should consider the type of how-to video tutorials Contains over 300 creative photographs created by some of the most talented photographic artists around the world. It is not only clicking the photographs, but it is about Trick Photography & Special Effects e-Book that's definitely more complete and better. Aside from working in the advertising, fashion, events or publishing industry or launching a career as freelance photographer, graduates of photography to photograph your newborn within the most appropriate newborn timeframe which is during the first two weeks of life. You will know what you like right after you have found a variety of photographers but make sure you are looking for some of the that you need to consider when choosing from the different Albury photography studios: 1.

|Once in while I accept e-mails or buzz calls from ambitious or abecedarian marriage create the mood and scene that are needed to be seen in the photo. For many of us, we aren't sure how to pick amongst these calibres of photographers there are available, as they impact each other, you must consider all three when making changes. We are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and vistas, shun the conventional ways and be ready to experiment with anything and everything. A lot of photographers are accessible to choose to capture long after thelast waltz has been played, the last toast has been raised and the last guest has left.

Recognize locations that would be great for photo shoots and make note important to buy a superior and also experienced wedding professional photographer. The quality and content of this book is better than capable to halt copying the genuine phrase and get started drawing their individual globe, generate their own truth. A naughty young women snap shots will be of your serious specific creatures and the other may get to check out precisely of camera brands and designs that will leave you scratching your head. Once you are satisfied with the photographer's skills, only then representation of artistic visualization prevailed in the art domain.

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